Standup for kids

The brochure

When I first met Standup for Kids they were looking for a designer to create a new flyer or brochure for them. They had had a successful event at the Art Institute of Colorado and didn’t have anything to hand out anymore.

Marketing research

My first question was of course what she wanted to achieve with the brochure, to get a feel who it needed to be targeted at. I already knew from their website, that they always need financial donations, support in the form of goods for the homeless youth they help and that they need to attract more volunteers, because the organization is all-volunteer run in Denver.

This last point was one I wanted to accentuate in the brochure, because according to the research I found online, the number one reason people don’t donate to charity, is because they are concerned their money goes to management or overhead, not the cause itself.

I had also found that the biggest group of volunteers/donators according to the bureau of labor statistics are men and women (slightly more women) with children in their 30s to 50s.




Keywords: with children. It should be possible to drum up sympathy with parents of children for a youth homelessness charity. The key is to bring it close to home, by making sure they understand that youth homelessness can happen to all kids.

This is the reason for the image of the cardboard playhouse. As parents we’re all familiar with making a playhouse out of a discarded washing machine box and watching the kids play house in it… but for homeless youth, a large cardboard box can be their actual and only shelter. So that is how I bridged the perceived gap between your own (suburban) children with a homeless child.


Website ad

Another thing that came up in our conversation was that the organization gets quite a lot of donated goods (sleeping bags, clothes etc.), but does not get enough financial donations to be able to afford storage for these goods.



As a result the idea was formed to create an ad to place on the website and Facebook page.

The goal here was to either receive financial donations to pay for storage, or have someone donate storage space. I also found out that there are significant tax advantages for donating real estate.

The cartoon illustration was there to attract attention and make it memorable. I chose a cartoon image, rather than the typical sad image of a homeless child, because the image seemed more relevant and humor is always a good tool and it had to be clear that this donation would benefit the organization, but not the youth directly.


Standup for kids Denver

Standup for kids a national non-profit charity that aims to eliminate youth homelessness through teaching life skills, going into the streets and reaching out to homeless youth and providing basic essentials and a warm meal once a week.