Project Enye

Project Enye made a documentary that they plan to show at independent film festivals across the U.S., to raise awareness of the unusual situation second generation foreigners (particularly Latinos) find themselves in, being stuck between two cultures and not always accepted by either.

The documentary was to go with the launch of a kick starter. For those who donate to the kick starter, the art director of Project Enye had a sticker sheet in mind and a sheet of temporary tattoos.


Design parameters

The organization had a logo, specific colors and a Mandala as their symbol for connectedness, unity & wholeness from the inside out.

So those were the parameters for the design of each sticker. Some were predetermined and just needed to be put together in Photoshop, others needed to be designed.

So this was a project with very clear guidance and less room for creativity and illustrating, however not less challenging to come up with different looking stickers.

Project Enye also sells merchandise & t-shirts. For that I designed a “grungy” version of their existing logo.


An “Enye (ñ)” is a first generation American born Latino who has at least one parent from a Spanish speaking country.

Project Enye (ñ) is an unorthodox, multi-platform documentary project about first-generation American born Latinos that uses cultural and familial stories to build community among this large and growing population. Each week, the filmmakers pre-release these documentary stories to their audience via multiple formats, including 3-5 minute video micro-docs, podcasts, blogs, social media and live community presentations. Each micro-doc showcases intimate, unscripted Enye stories and commentary that touch on topics ranging from identity and language to family and assimilation. Although story details vary, each segment reveals commonalities about the shared Enye experience in America that collectively defines this generation one story at a time.