My Buddy & Me

My Buddy & Me – Natural Pet Food store

My Buddy & Me is the retail operation of the Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation, a charity that provides financial assistance to families when Man’s Best Friend needs to undergo treatment for cancer and other life threatening health issues.

Before My Buddy & Me opened their store, they asked for a few large wall illustrations of Buddy the dog, a cat and a bird. I created these illustrations and then airbrushed them on the walls of the store, prior to its opening. They sell natural pet foods for each of the animal groups represented in the illustrations. Buddy is the late dog of the store owner, Aimee. Buddy passed away from canine cancer and he was the reason why they started the Foundation. All proceeds of the retail operation go to the Foundation.

Kittyandbirdcmpr  mybuddyandme  Buddy1cmpr