Any custom paint job consists of 3 main parts: Preparation, Artwork, Finish

Preparation can just be a simple case of degreasing and cleaning a surface, to sanding, priming and putting a base coat on. These depend on the item to be painted. The important part is to ensure a base the paint can adhere to so well, that it doesn’t easily come off.

Artwork is when I do my magic with my airbrush and paint brushes.

The Finish often gets overlooked and my clients get excited to hear when the artwork is finished, but then (often) a few more days are needed to put the finish on. The finish can be a simple clear coat or a varnish, but in most custom paint jobs this is a 2 component automotive clear coat that needs to cure for 24 hours after application and then often needs light sanding and polishing to remove any inconsistencies in the coat and to be completely finished.

Please contact me about commissioned custom and airbrushed paint jobs.

back cropped

I love painting on leather, but unfortunately I do not work on t-shirts.

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