Bas airbrushing


Bas grew up in the East of The Netherlands, not far from the world’s second largest Van Gogh collection in Arnhem.  His mother is an artist and his late father was a successful and creative entrepreneur.

At elementary school Bas was always drawing cartoons and caricatures. At High School, he took art and art history classes. Bas unsuccessfully applied to a prestigious design school and a film academy and ended up studying marketing and foreign languages in the United Kingdom. In pursuit of a career Bas rarely drew anything anymore and eventually even stopped making music.

It wasn’t until he stopped working in the corporate world, that Bas realized what was missing. He then found Mel Fox of Rat Art Studios, a seasoned airbrush, pinstripe and hand lettering artist in Denver. He taught him the basics of airbrush art and got him drawing again.

Bas made a painting of his mother’s cat and his own dog, which started a few years of painting commissioned pet and horse portraits. As a hockey goalie, Bas also airbrushes hockey goalie masks, which got him painting many different objects, from guitars to motorcycles and even a Shakespeare theater set.

His art still evolves. In addition to commissioned airbrush projects, Bas now enjoys creating his own paintings in oil paint or acrylics, using traditional brushes.

In 2017 Bas joined the Denver Art Society gallery in The Santa Fe Art District as an exhibiting member of the art cooperative.

Bas still lives in Denver, as a US citizen since 2008 , with his wife, kids and a lot of animals.