Bas airbrushing

By the end of 2011 I had enough of corporate life. I needed a change.

Change for me meant following my youth aspirations to be an artist or a musician.

I grew up in the East of The Netherlands, not far from the world’s second largest Van Gogh collection in Arnhem.  My mother is an artist and my father was a successful and creative entrepreneur.

At elementary school my friend and I were always drawing cartoons and caricatures. At High School I dropped math in favor of art. I unsuccessfully applied to a prestigious design school and a film academy and ended up studying marketing and foreign languages in the United Kingdom. I rarely drew anything anymore and eventually even stopped making music.

It wasn’t until I finished my work in the corporate world, when I realized what was missing. I thought about becoming a tattooist, but felt I was too old for an apprenticeship. Instead I found Mel Fox of Rat Art Studios, a seasoned airbrush, pinstripe and hand lettering artist in Denver. He taught me the basics of airbrush art and got me drawing again.

I made a painting of my mother’s cat and my dog, which started a few years of painting a lot of commissioned pet and horse portraits. As a hockey goalie, I also started painting hockey goalie masks, which also got me painting many different objects, from guitars to snowboards, of course motorcycles and even a set for a Shakespeare performance.

My art still evolves every day. Before I would simply copy images on demand with my airbrush, I’m now evolving my own style, using a variety of brushes and materials, making the artwork more unique and valuable for my customers, but also enjoyable for me to create.

I still live in Denver, since 2008 as a US citizen, with my wife, kids and a lot of animals.