Over the years I have airbrushed (and sometimes hand painted) portraits of many dogs, cats, horses and even a chicken. 

thank-you-noteGetting a portrait airbrushed of your beloved pet is easy, unique and does not have to cost much, because I charge by the square inch, so a smaller painting will cost less than a larger painting. I work from a photograph you provide of your pet (see below for a guide how to take a good photo of your pet).

I can also airbrush on objects, such as clothing or vehicles. There is an additional charge for that, because it requires more surface preparation and an additional protective coating over the artwork.

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You can buy prints of the portraits above here.

How to take a photo of your pet

Higher quality photos will yield a better painting, because I can see more detail. To get a good photograph of a pet, don’t use flash, because it will cause a reflection in the eyes and most animals hate it, so they’ll turn their heads. I recommend taking the photo outside. Overcast days or shaded areas are better. Set your camera to continuous shooting or speed burst, Whatever the setting is called on your camera to keep taking pictures as you hold the button down. That way your pet can move around as you shoot. Out of the many pictures there’ll be one that is good.